Nouveau Modèle DBLNA301002300B

Ultra large bande:1-23GHz
•Gain ajustabl de 0 à 30dB(Typ.)
•Facteur de bruit:3dB(Typ.)
•Puissance P1dB: 20dBm(Typ.)

Image LNA à gain contrôlable QOTANA 1-23GHz NF: 3dB P1dB:+20dBm


DBLNA301002300B is a new developed adjustable ultra-wideband LNA, which frequency range from 1-23GHz.  The Continuously adjustable gain range from 0 to 30dB, controlled by voltage supplied from -1 to +2V, with the referring operation voltage at +12V.

The new model have a good profromance at input and output matching when adjust the gain, which could amplify or attenuate the signal as per different intensity, it’s much useful to improve the performance of the receiver system, and it can be widely use in multi-mode and multi-communication system.

La datasheet complète est accessible via ce lien